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PHOTO GALLERY   PARS POLYMER CO. LTD Products Have More Variety Of Packing for each one that Depend at Products Oil% , Products Penetration , Hardness , Softness &…that packed in Drums , Paper Bags , Cartons Box & . . . . . . . PARS POLYEMR CO. LTD PARAFFIN WAX divided to 2….

Petroleum Jelly & Petrolatum (Vaseline)

PETROLEUM JELLY & PETROLATUM (VASELINE)   Product description Pars Polymer petroleum jellies are the homogeneous mixtures of highly purified saturated hydrocarbons, translucent paste, odorless, excellent emollient moisturizer & lubricant enhances that is resulting to accept other active ingredients in many cosmetics and lotions or as a substitute for fats in ointments and cosmetics.Pars Polymer is….