PARS POLYMER CO. LTD founded in 2012 in land of 30,000 consists of production halls, utilities and office building which are located in Isfahan East Industrial zone, 30Km east of Isfahan, which is known as one of the most famous industrial and historical cities. The plant equipped with necessary facilities to produce 60,000 MT/Year of various kinds of all fully refining hydrocarbon mixtures with all grades as pharmaceutical & cosmetic







PARS POLYMER produces different kinds of purified mixture of saturated hydrocarbons as;

  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • Fully & Semi Refined Paraffin Wax
  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic White oil / Liquid Paraffin
  • Micro Crystalline Wax
  • Light & Heavy Slack Wax
  • Residue Wax / Foots Oil




PARS POLYMER products meet high quality according to ultimate extract manufacturing technology as fully refining filtration and finishing purify. Moreover, having over three decades experience in industry and specialist skilled utilization as production staff, keep our products as pioneer manufacturer.

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