Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

Pars Polymer Paraffin waxes consisting  mixture of solid Refine hydrocarbons, have a structure formed by large and well formed crystals with crystalline nature specification , excellent insulating properties, rigidity and narrow congealing point range &…



Product Description

Pars Paraffin Waxes characterized by a clearly defined Brittle crystal structure, with white or almost white color & odorless that categorized by oil content and the degree of refinement as fully & Semi refined


Paraffin Wax Offered:

  • Fully refined ( less 1% oil )
  • Semi refined ( 1-3% oil)
  • Refined ( 3-5% oil)
  • Refined (5-7% oil)

Cluster to different application needs of customers.

Other characteristics (penetration, color, viscosity) are flexible & can be change by order


Paraffin Wax Application

  • Electrical and electronic applications : With advantage of the excellent insulating properties
  • Rubber : As an additive in producing tires to insulating them from ozone & avoiding cracks
  • Matches : Applied to the surface of matches to regulate their burning
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: As an ingredient for lotions, pastes, creams, lipsticks
  • Surface protective: As a covering for tablets to protect surface to release of their contents & increase their shine.
  • Textile industry : Act as protective agents against atmospheric & biological influences
  • Paper and cardboard : provides an additional barrier to the passage of moisture & rigidity & insulation
  • Chipboard: ensuring the rigidity of the boards and their moisture resistance
  • Surface protection, paints and varnishes As an additives in the production of printing inks and varnishes to improve the resistance of the products to friction or scratching or to achieve a certain appearance and to act as a barrier to moisture.
  • Candles : One of the major sectors for the consumption of refined paraffin wax in the world
  • Other uses : applied alone or mixed with other types of waxes for polishing the boards, both lubricating and protecting the surface and explosives manufacturing














  • 25Kg Net (5 slabs) in tight carton box
  • 30 Kg Net (6 slabs) in PP bag




Paraffin Wax

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