Granule Wax

Granule Wax Pars Polymer Granule wax formed into tiny beads slightly larger than sand , odorless solid , can be easily molten by heating. This product is very popular for making “instant” candles,. It can be easily poured into any “candle safe” container.       Granule Wax Offered SGW 10000       Super Granule….



Slack Wax

Slack Wax (Heavy & Light) Slack wax is a mixture of oil and wax, obtained from lubricating oil. Slack wax is the crude wax produced by chilling and solvent filter-pressing wax distillate. It serves as feed stock and that is further refined and blended to create value-added petroleum wax products. The crudest versions of paraffin….

Residue Wax & Foots oil

Residue Wax & Foots Oil Pars Residue Wax or Foots Oil is a by product obtained by slack wax de oiling or sweating in the paraffin wax manufacturing. They have oil contents above 30% and with congealing point range between 30º and 70º C. they are especially used to produce emulsions and in the fertilizer….

Liquid Paraffin & White Oil

Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical White Oil Pars White Oils categorize to cosmetic & Pharmceutical grade as CLP & PLP; CLP1000/4000 as cosmetic grade is a leader in order of having precursor use of best manufacturing technology and continue to make advances in safe, responsible operations these days.CLP 1000/4000 is a fully integrated white oil/Liquid Paraffin producer….

Paraffin Wax

Micro crystalline wax

Micro Crystalline Wax Product Description Pars Polymer Micro crystalline wax is a refined mixture of solid, saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons, and produced by de-oiling certain fractions from the petroleum refining process. Micro crystalline waxes differ from refined paraffin wax in that the molecular structure is more branched and the hydrocarbon chains are longer & also have….

Petroleum Jelly & Petrolatum (Vaseline)

PETROLEUM JELLY & PETROLATUM (VASELINE)   Product description Pars Polymer petroleum jellies are the homogeneous mixtures of highly purified saturated hydrocarbons, translucent paste, odorless, excellent emollient moisturizer & lubricant enhances that is resulting to accept other active ingredients in many cosmetics and lotions or as a substitute for fats in ointments and cosmetics.Pars Polymer is….